Education Research Bill Cleared by Senate Education Panel

Wednesday the Senate Education Panel cleared a bill on education research amid bipartisan support. The bill is the result of a bipartisan and bicameral deal, according to Senator Tom Harkin. D – Iowa, chairman of the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee.

The uncontested support of this research bill is the most recent in an uprising of bipartisanship from both the House and the Senate when it comes to education bills. Harkin says, “This bill enhances the relevancy of research and makes it easier for states and schools to access data.”

This research bill will require that outside evaluations are conducted of IES’ centers every three years as well as continual evaluations of the regional education laboratories and comprehensive centers.

The main goal of the bill is to require the educational centers to balance the coverage of all grades and schools, from pre-kindergarten to post-secondary schools. The proposal will in turn replace “scientifically based research standards” with “scientifically valid research” that is intended to encourage more research approaches.

In November, the bill will be presented for Senate vote amid the mid-term election. Harkin feels that the research bill will be offered under unanimous consent as it is a largely “noncontroversial” bill.

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