Education is the Road to Success in America

America is loaded with stories of the super wealthy – think the Kennedys and the Carnegies. The list and our cultural curiosity grows each time Forbes releases their list of the wealthiest.

These most affluent men and women have obviously made their millions in different ways but one trend continues throughout: education beyond high school. For example: out of the 50 richest people in America, only 7 did not go done the higher education path. We are often inundated with stories of college dropouts that made it big, but the actual proportion of people that this is happening to is rather limited.

Study after study shows us that high education really does increase earnings on an individual basis. Reports actually show that those with a bachelor’s degree earn 84% more than workers without a degree at all. Research is also showing that more than two-thirds of all jobs in the United States will require a college degree or similar credential by 2018.

A lot of states are taking notice of the need for higher education and are setting higher goals while working really hard to get more students to graduate. The goal is to do this in less time and with lower costs too. There is much to be said with the higher rates of postsecondary degrees, as the states with the highest attainment are also the states that have larger income levels.

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