Earn A Computer Science Degree In A Year At Algoma U.

Students interested in taking the fast track towards earning a Computer Science degree can now hop on the train headed towards Algoma University and complete a degree in just 12 short months.

The Ontario university noticed the increasing demand for computer related skills in the employment industry and decided to jump at the opportunity to help students capitalize on the growing market as quickly as possible.

Algoma University Registrar David Marasco said, “There is a need for specialists in the field of computer programming. Obtaining computer-oriented skill development will help both the unemployed and underemployed in an effort to expand their employment prospects. This program affords students an opportunity to quickly develop a skill set that will add value to their resume, and their self-worth.”

Students enrolling in the university’s accelerated degree program will have the chance to delve into many interesting topic like computer software development, programming, operating systems, networking and a great deal more.

The Accelerated Computer Science degree program will begin in May and will include courses throughout both the spring and summer semester. These two semesters are said to be fast paced and will prepare those enrolled for regular classes beginning in the fall. Most students are expected to have completed the degree by April 2016 at this rate.

“The program is for the graduate of a college computer-science related program, or a university graduate of a program area other than computer science, to get a degree in Computer Science, in a very short period of time,” said Marasco. “Those looking to enhance their skill-set in an effort to advance their career, or need a computer science-related credential can quickly earn one in this accelerated program.”

Algoma offered this degree program previously with great success, which prompted its return along with the demand for qualified candidates in the job market.

A former student of the program, Jonathan D’Sa, said of the program “The accelerated Computer Science program at Algoma University was instrumental in providing the tools to become the professional I am today. In fact, I strongly believe the knowledge/skills I acquired enabled me to join a top global consulting firm within a couple of years of graduation. I enjoyed the rich interaction with my class mates and professors during my time at Algoma and keep in touch with several of them. Since finishing the program, I have gone on to complete my M.B.A. And enjoy a successful career in the software industry.”

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