DOE Confirms College Rating System to Change

The U.S. Department of education will soon be releasing a ratings system that will show potential students which schools are said to be doing “phenomenally well” and will also announce which schools need to “step up their game.”

Ted Mitchell, Under Secretary of Education, told the Education Writers Association that he “wants to remind everyone that this is version 1.0.” He goes on to say “The ratings system is intended to raise the bar on public accountability for institutions of higher education, but let’s help the public remember that accountability runs in two different directions.”

This new ratings system will play an important part of our education system as it will serve as a tool to aid the government in their role to speak truthfully about schools performances in certain areas. Eventually the administration’s goal is to tie the amount of federal financial aid to the ratings system.

The Department of Education is also aware of the fact this ratings system is in the beginning and experimental stages. Mitchell acknowledges that some tweaking may be required to stream line and clarify the ratings system, especially before any legislative consequences are placed upon the schools. He even goes as far as saying “We’re focused right now not on that as an issue but on the issue of getting’1.0’out.”

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