Demand For Nurses Grows As Colleges Rise To The Challenge

The Bureau of Labor Statistics is projecting the demand for nurses to skyrocket 19% by 2022, according to their Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2014-2015 Edition. This means that their will be approximately 526,800 jobs created for nurses of the present and of the future within the next seven years.

Pamela Brown, president of Blessing-Rieman College of Nursing, attributes the surge with the high amount of nurses retiring over the next seven years. She said, “It’s a complete turnaround. There are openings all over. There’s sign on bonuses being offered to students for the first time in several years. There’s no waiting period for students getting interviews or positions being offered to them before they graduate.”

The increasing demand for qualified nurses has colleges around the country attempting to fill any educational gaps with new and improved nursing programs.

One school jumping in to meet the demand if the Community College of Baltimore County (CCBC). This college is known for its already thriving nursing program, but isn’t stopping there. CCBC administrators are hoping to have success with the new associate to bachelor’s program being offered to nursing students.

CCBC is offering this option to students as a way to kick start their nursing careers in a more time effective and affordable way. The key to the program is the partnerships formed with other school where the students will eventually end up to complete their education.

“It makes good sense for the students, it makes great sense for our partners and it makes good sense for us,” said CCBC’s president, Dr. Sandra Kurtinitis.

Towson University, Frostburg University, Notre Dame of Maryland University and Stevenson University have teamed of with CCBC for the associate to bachelor’s program.

“Students will pay tuition at CCBC for our course in nursing, and they will pay the university fees for their courses, but some of the courses they can take while they’re in the associate degree program, and that’s a tremendous time advantage for students,” said Dr. Mary Kay DeMarco.

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