Dartmouth University Announces Plans To Ban Hard Liquor On Campus

Dartmouth University has announced the intent to ban hard liquor on campus after coming under scrutiny for hazing and an investigation for possible Title IX violations.

President of Dartmouth, Philip Hanlon, said in a speech on Thursday “Colleges and universities across the country face the issues I’ve detailed today. We’re not alone in facing them, but we will take the lead in saying, ‘No more.’”

Dartmouth’s senior media relations officer, Amy Olson said in an email to USA Today College, “Policy and enforcement are highly correlated with a substantial reduction in consumption and many fewer negative consequences, like sexual assaults, missed classes, regretted actions and hangovers.”

She also said, “Our top priority must be student safety, and we believe that anything we can do to limit access to hard alcohol will make out campus safer. We are especially concerned with the high risk posed by overconsumption of hard alcohol and believe this is a responsible step to deal with this risk.”

Reporter Allison Quantz told NPR, “The Ivy League college in New Hampshire has made news for allegations of extreme hazing and racism. Dartmouth is also one of more than 90 colleges under federal review for apparent mishandling of sexual assault cases. The hard liquor ban adds to a spate of reforms already proposed by the Greek system itself.”

The university already requires fraternities and sororities to check in with campus police when a party with alcohol on the menu. Campus police are said to stop by the events twice to make sure everything is under control and that the age wristbands are being used appropriately.

There are also sober chaperons hired for each fraternity or sorority party in the event that any party goer needs help or becomes too inebriated to function properly or safely.

The new ban on hard liquor will begin on March 30 and applies to to anything form of alcohol 15% proof or higher.

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