Criminal Justice and Social Work Rank On Most Useless Degrees List

A recent report from Hard Times outlined the unemployment rates among 50 different college degrees, which Business Insider then took a step further as they dissected each degree’s salary expectations. The data collected culminated in a list of degree that may be seen as “useless” as a result. So, keep these degrees and their unemployment rates in mind when selecting a major:

10: Criminal Justice and Fire Protection

According to the study, 3.3% of the graduates who have obtained a degree in either of these fields are unemployed. This is rather unfortunate given the salary expectations for Criminal Justice and Fire Protection degree holders. The reported salary earnings for experienced college graduates is an average of $63,000 and experienced graduate degree holders may earn around $75,000 a year.

9: Computer Science

The unemployment rate for experienced college graduates falls at about 4% while experienced graduate degree holders are coping with an employment rate of 3.2%. The salary expectations are even higher in the computer science field with grads and degree holders bringing in anywhere from $93,000 to $107,000 a year.

8: Communications and Mass Media

Degree holders and graduates with a decent amount of communications and mass media experience are having a tough time find finding jobs, according to the Hard Times report. Graduates with experience are said to have an unemployment rate of 5.7% while 4.8% of degree holders are fighting the unemployment battle.

7: Chemical Engineering

There may be pretty solid salary potential for those with experience and degrees in the chemical engineering field, with salaries ranging between $104,000 and $118,000 annually. The report shows those in Chemical Engineering often experience significantly lower unemployment rates, but still face rates of 2.8% for grads with actual experience and 2.2% for those with actual degrees.

6: Civil Engineering

4% of the graduates who have knowledge and develop skills within the civil engineering field are prone to an unemployment rate of 4%. Graduates with a degree in the field are also subject to unemployment with rates coming in at roughly 3.2%.

5: Social Work

Despite the need for social workers in many communities, the unemployment rate of graduates with degrees and experience is still quite high. Those with experience are reported to struggle with a 5% unemployment rate and a 3.9% rate when they graduate with a degree.

4: Commercial Art and Graphic Design

The unemployment rate for those in the commercial art and graphic design field is rather high coming in at 7.1% for experienced college graduates and 6.4% for degree holding graduates. That’s a major sting and not a good sign for students considering entry into the field of study.

3: Computer and Information Systems

The reported annual salary in the computer and information systems field is relatively high, but that doesn’t do much to aid those struggling to find work once they’ve earned a degree. Interestingly, actually obtaining a degree in this field doesn’t really help your chances of employment, according to the report. 5% of degree earning college graduates struggle with unemployment compared to the 4.7% who simply have experience and no field specific degree.

2: Marketing and Market Research

This is another field where we see a flip-flop in the employment rate between those with experience and those with actual degrees. The Hard Times report states that 5.1% of marketing and market research degree holders are unemployed and 4.3% of experienced graduates are subject to the same fate.

1: Human Resources and Personnel Development

Here’s another switch up with a pretty high unemployment rate among degree holding graduates of 6.8%. Experienced graduates aren’t nearly at the unemployment disadvantage degree holders are with a rate of 5.7%.

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