Couple Found In Closet At Daytona State College After Two Days

John Arwood and Amber Campbell ran into a into a bit of trouble on Sunday when they were allegedly chased into the Marine and Environmental Science Center’s janitor’s closet on the Daytona State College campus. The couple remained in the closet for 2 full days because they believed they were locked inside.

Arwood decided to call 911 on the couple’s second day in the closet, at which time the police were able to track his cell phone to find his whereabouts. Interestingly enough, Arwood never attempted to call for help before Tuesday and the reasons for that remain unclear.

Police arrived to find the couple in the closet surrounded by fecal matter and what appeared to be metal cleaning pads that are frequently used to smoke crack, although no drugs were found in the closet.

The most interesting twist to this bizarre story occurred when one of the police officers on the scene found that the door was not only unlocked, but had no way of actually being locked at all. The whole situation certainly  had the Daytona Police scratching their heads.

Both Arwood and Campbell are being charged with trespassing by the Daytona Police. Campbell is also faced with charges of violating her 2013 probation.

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