Cool Dorm Room Stuff to Spruce Up Your College Space

Pretty much every college student has that initial moment of thinking “Blech, this is where I’ll be living during my college years?” when first arriving to their dorm rooms. This is a totally understandable thought to have considering most of you are greeted by the most drab, uninviting and sterile living spaces you’ve likely ever seen. Some dorm rooms resemble jail cells more than actual rooms!

Thankfully, you can turn those four boring walls into an awesome and inviting place when you add some cool dorm room stuff to your new digs! We’ve compiled a nice list of some pretty awesome stuff to add to your dorm room and give you inspiration!

Here’s Some Cool Dorm Room Stuff…

Cool Wall Art

Nothing jazzes up a sterile dorm room quite like something nice to adorn your walls. Obviously you have to check with your school for any preexisting rules set in place that may hinder you from hanging anything cool on your walls or from your ceiling. Hopefully they will give you the go ahead and you can start adding some color to those ordinary white walls pronto.

You can really add just about anything to the cement slabs you’ve been provided to add your own bit of flair. Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through when selecting your super cool wall art or from trying to find something quintessentially “you” before committing. Shoot for things you like and that reflect a bit about who you are, love or hope to be!

There are too many different ways to decorate your walls for us to list in this one blog post. Heck, we’d be here all day if we even tried! Here are some of our favorite things to toss on a boring old wall to give you an idea of what we’re talking about:

  • Snag unique wall decals in the form of sayings or cool images. These little adhesive decorating assistants will peel right off and are often reusable. We kind of love the idea of applying a dry erase wall decal, too! Who needs a cool symbol or phrase when you can turn your wall into a giant dry erase board? It’s like having a giant canvas at your fingertips to write notes, affirmations or to play hang man with your roommates.
  • Obviously posters are a viable option if you are looking to decorate the old school way. Posters are great, unless said posters are of Justin Bieber. We draw the line at the Biebs, capiche!
  • Let your creative side show with neat paintings you found on the cheap and have your own touch added in any way you see fit. You can paint the frames funky colors or even paint a mustache on a portrait. Just have fun with it.
  • Our absolute fave thing to adorn a dorm room wall (or any wall for that matter) with is a really awesome tapestry! We love a groovy tapestry to liven up a dorm room and add a bit of depth to your walls with the textured look fabric gives.

>> Take a look at an awesome tapestry for your dorm room <<

Twinkle Lights

You’re dorm room isn’t complete until you string up at least one set of twinkle lights! Sorry, we’re not sorry! Twinkle lights not only rank pretty high on the list if cool dorm room stuff you can have because they are just plain awesome, but they also earn a spot on the list for their multiple uses. Hey, if there’s a way to justify the use of sparkly lights, we’ll find it!

Okay, so we know you can just hang the twinkle lights from nearly anything and they’ll still look cool. Why stop there, though? Take your twinkle light love affair to the next level with some of these super fun and different uses for your pretties:

  • Wrap those pretty little babies around your bed posts if you have them. If you’re post-less, no problem! Create your own bed posts with nifty branches from the floral section of the craft store and commence with the light wrapping.
  • Spruce up a boring old mirror by wrapping lights around it to form a pretty border and add some life to it.
  • Create an awesome looking tree out of them. Trees not your thing? No prob! Shape the lights into a flower, wave, peace sign or anything else that strikes your fancy.
  • Line your a wall in your dorm room with twinkle lights and use clothes pins to hang a cool wall of pictures.
  • Snag some cheap cupcake cup liners in pretty colors or patterns and cut shapes (think back to the days when you’d cut snowflakes out of coffee filters) of your choice. Poke some holes in the center of your cutouts for your little light bulb to go into and viola you’ve put a new twist on your lights that shows off your personality and creative side.

Washi Tape

Don’t laugh at the seemingly bizarre addition to our list of cool dorm room stuff! Give us a second to explain all the wonder ways you can use this delightfully colorful tape before you scoff at our washi tape adoration!

There’s probably a different color, pattern and/or style of washi tape for nearly any college student willing to have a bit of fun with it. We suggest getting several colors/patterns that fit in with your dorm room decorum and then get on a roll with some of these cool ways to use it:

  • Make fun, colorful frames for all of your posters and photos hanging on your walls! There’s no need to follow the norm of just using clear tape or push-pins to hang your art up when you can create a funky and fun border with different washi tape for everything.
  • Have shelves? Cool! Line the outer lips with washi tape to inject some color into your world and turn drab shelves into fab ones.
  • Add a touch of washi pizzazz to your lamp’s shade by applying strips of tape to the underside for a discreet pop of personality or go big with strips on the outside for a more eye catching display of your mad taping skills.
  • Use this fun tape to get crafty by making bookmarks out of paperclips, coasters and so much more. It’s a fun way to fill your down time, especially if you’re broke as a joke due to your overzealous washi tape buying. Don’t blame us! We told you this stuff was cool, but we didn’t say to buy your weight in it.
  • No need for a label maker when you’ve got a storage tote under your bed full of washi tape just waiting to be written on! Grab a marker and get labeling, Sister/Mister!

>> We are digging this MIKOKA washi tape <<

Unique “Furniture”

Sometimes bringing extra furniture is a pretty big “no-no” when heading off to college. Some schools like to limit the amount of extra stuff students bring along with them for a variety of reasons. This is often a bummer when you’d really like to bring along or buy something really cool. A cool and useful piece of furniture is super valuable in your dorm room space.

We say “boo, hiss” to those schools acting as furniture blockers and interfering with students ability to turn their dorm rooms into an awesome spot to chill after a long day of classes.

Psst…Let’s keep this between us, but you don’t have to actually bring along an actual piece of furniture to make your pad a rad one!

Seriously! You can turn the most mundane objects into really cool furniture to spruce up your space all while abiding by the rules of “no fun furniture in the dorm room!” Okay, so maybe that’s not exactly the way the rule is worded, but you’re catching what we’re dropping anyways! Need ideas for unique furniture? Try these:

  • Buy a tall, wire basket and use it as an end table! Spray paint that puppy any colors you want and flip it over for a unique piece of “furniture.”
  • Lug some cinder blocks (the one’s used in a garden work great!) up to your dorm room and make shelves, a bed side table or even a coffee table. They may be heavy, but they are durable, have little spots to store things and you can pretty much turn them into any piece of furniture you need.
  • Play the drums? Great! Make room in your car for your big old bass drum when you’re loading up for college. Why? Well to use it as a cool table or place to sit, of course!
  • Paint a big wicker basket any color or pattern that floats your boat as an awesome addition to your dorm’s furniture. Use the basket next to your bed to hold books or as a place to store other miscellaneous odds and ends you carry with your all day.
  • Keep things interesting with a odd shaped cube with a secret lid. It’s not technically a piece of furniture and more like a storage container, but it can certainly double as a table or place to park your keister.

Cool Seating

Make the most out of the space available in your dorm room by getting creative and rearranging some stuff. This is especially important if you have a bunk bed or bed that is able to be hoisted high above the ground in bunk bed fashion. You’ll soon be able to see all of the valuable real estate just waiting to be put to good use once your bed has left the ground!

Measure the amount of space you have beneath your bed and have fun with it. Try one of these cool ideas for seating under your bed:

  • Stow a nifty little couch or love seat under your bunk bed space. This will provide you will an extra bit of seating for when you have guests as well as a place to sit when you don’t want to hang out on your bed or in your computer chair.
  • A futon will work perfectly in this space, too. Yes, futons are similar to couches and love seats, but a couch doesn’t convert into a handy bed like a futon does. You can easily drop the back of it down and transform it into a convenient sleeping space should you have the need to accommodate another person. *wink wink*
  • Buy a funky chair to place in the open space. Make it something interesting and fun with different colors, fabric textures and/or interesting shapes.
  • Grab some oversized decorative pillows while you’re crossing off things to bring to college. You can easily turn your new space under your bed into a calming little reading/meditation nook this way.
  • Is the frame supporting your bed super sturdy and do you trust it? If the answer is “yes,” consider investing in a cool hammock seat with the intent of hanging from the frame. It’s just just all around cool with the bonus of having a place to sit comfortably.

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