Nina Fenton

10668519_10203962471815700_704967945_nNina Fenton is a senior writer at Learn U and our most frequent contributor. Nina’s been writing for a living for quite some time, and she has journalistic expertise in many areas of content creation, research and project management. Her portfolio includes published pieces in several dozen markets, speaking to her skill as a professional researcher. At Learn U, Nina covers just about everything, but specializes in education market news, education policy and education technology. Whatever she writes, Nina brings a sense of fun to Learn U’s content.

As Learn U’s senior writer, Nina is responsible for content selection, creation, publishing, and editing. She researches, outlines, drafts and edits all of the major reference pieces published here. She’s responsible for the site’s style, research methodologies and content guidelines.

You can reach Nina at [email protected].

Spencer Haws

1915407_1272821545453_3159391_nIn addition to being the CEO and co-founder of Learn U, Spencer Haws is also a contributor. He is an experienced entrepreneur with influence in several major markets. He holds an MBA and spent 10 years at Wells Fargo before branching out to start his own ventures. Spencer’s expertise includes business development, marketing, search engine optimization and website optimization. At Learn U, Spencer covers education news relevant to business degrees, business careers and the overall education market.

Spencer is responsible for Learn U’s strategy, major fundraising, and fund allocation. He provides strategic direction for all departments, and takes a hands-on approach to Learn U’s website analytics, traffic, inbound mareting and overall business development.

You can reach Spencer at [email protected].

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