Competency Based Education Could Be Coming to a College Campus Near You

A new idea that was presented by the Department of Education may mean big things for college students. Both new and old students should be on the lookout for competency based education programs to be heading their way.

What this means is that students will no longer have to gauge their schooling by the amount of time they have spent working towards completing their degrees. Long gone will be the days when credit hours, semesters and academic years are used to measure progress. The fear of losing financial aid as a result of programs of this nature will be a thing of the past as well.

The Department of Education is launching “direct assessment” programs at schools that are willing to participate in the study. The goal is to allow students to move at their own pace and complete their degree programs as quickly as they like, barring that they pass competency tests that measure their knowledge and skills.

David Soo, senior policy adviser at the Department of Education says, “There are big changes going on out in the field of education, and we want to encourage them to happen.”

These are big changes indeed and with over 350 institutions already offering competency based degree, we are sure to see this new style of learning become the norm.

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