Columbia’s New Grant Program Gives Back to Neighboring Students

For many that grew up in the surrounding area of Harlem where, Ivy League school, Columbia University is located, the chances of attending the prestigious university seemed slim to none. Columbia University has made steps to change this mind set with a new grant program that is only for students that grew up in the surrounding area or attended a school nearby.

The Thompson-Munoz scholarship program spearheaded by Columbia University, is an effort to ease tensions between the 260 year old university and the surrounding neighborhoods. There will soon be a new campus in the West Harlem neighborhood where many students that believe CU was out of their depths live.

All of the scholars in this program will receive a grant from Columbia University, which will vary by the individual needs of the students who it is being awarded too. The university receives $42,000 in grants each year for undergrad students, but it is unclear at this point how much of the funds will go to Thompson-Munoz scholars.

The new program is named after two Columbia University graduates, Dr. Albert Thompson and Carlos Munoz, that hailed from the Harlem communities that scholarship recipients are being awarded from. Students in the program will have the chance to meet in private with some of the school’s administrators as well as community leaders to ensure that they receive the guidance needed to be successful in this new venture.

The associate dean of academic affairs at Columbia says, “Columbia has a responsibility to the surrounding community, and the most obvious way to fulfill that responsibility is by making its intellectual richness available to the community.”

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