College Student, Kevin Enners Writes A Book With His Eyes

Kevin Enners is a newly published author who recently wrote his first book with only his eyes since his Cerebral Palsy limits his typing ability. He is also a Communications major at Kennesaw State University and athlete who runs marathons with his father. He’s a staff writer for his student newspaper and hopes to become a journalist after graduation. As you can see, Kevin is a lot of things, but the one things he is not is content to let life pass him by because his muscles work differently than someone else’s.

Not once has this amazing young man let his physical limitations define or confine him. This much is clear by the hard work he put into his first novel, The Crave, and his dedication to making his creative voice heard just like any other hopeful writer.

Kevin is equipped with an eye gaze computer that allowed him to create his amazing new book as he painstakingly typed out one letter at a time. He didn’t give up after a year of writing. Instead, he pushed through for another year to complete his journey as a writer and had a great book to show for it.

All his hard work is paying off as he attends book signings and excites readers with his tale of a police officer who is just as strong and brave as anyone else regardless of his own journey with Cerebral Palsy.

He says of his main character, “Typical heroes are big, strong and athletic. I had to show the world a real hero, one who had no gifts. Just grit and determination.”

“Typically, strangers I pass when I’m out and about see me motoring in my wheelchair and judge me by my disability. The point of this story is to lift the stereotypical veil that surrounds people with strength and perseverance that lies withing people with disabilities. Because of my physical limitations, I am unable to use a normal keyboard and mouse. I wrote this novella using an eye-gaze computer typing one letter at a time. It have been a long, arduous process for me but, given the choice, I would do it again,” Kevin says.

Heroes may be big, strong and athletic as Kevin described them. However, I find the real hero to be a 21 year old college student who has shown bottomless bravery, an indomitable spirit and refuses to limit himself no matter what the hurdles are. You are a hero, Kevin!

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