College Degrees are Still Worth It

For those college students that are wondering if the pursuit of a college degree is still a decent investment. The answer is simple – absolutely.

Economists, Jaison Abel and Richard Deitz, are reporting that the completion of bachelor’s degree programs is around 14 to 15 percent since the year 2000. The suspected reasons for the low graduation rates are likely the high cost of an undergraduate degree and the low wages that grads are earning and expected to live on until the age of retirement.

Tuition is clearly on the rise and pay is on the way down, so how can students feel confident in continuing their education?

For starters, workers that do not have a college education will have a harder time finding decent employment. While wages are falling for those with a degree are falling, they are falling even more for those without a degree to back up their salary. The unemployment rate is also significantly smaller for those that are without a degree to top it off.

For these reasons alone, college still wins.

The researchers say, “Despite the recent struggles of college graduates, investing in a college degree may be more important than ever before because those who fail to do so are falling further and further.”

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