College Campuses Helping Wikipedia Evolve

Wikipedia has grown massively since its inception in 2001, but all along it has had the unpleasant reputation of being considered a playground of incorrect information. This is especially the case on college campuses.

College professors have frequently warned their students not to trust the site for this very reason, until recently. We are now seeing a shift in the anti-Wikipedia perspective among educators. It has been reported that some professors are now adding assignments to their curriculum that require students to contribute to the content existing on the information site. The assignments so far seem to vary from students having to enter their own original Wikipedia articles or editing ones that are already in existence.

LiAnna Davis of the Wiki Education Foundation says, “Many of those faculty had been Wikipedia contributors themselves.” As the growing amount of students contributing at the request if their instructors increase, Davis said, “we wanted to see what would happen if we made it into a formal program.”

Since launching the Wiki Education Foundation in 2010, there have been roughly 10,000 students from over 500 classes that have contributed to somewhere around 44,000 articles.

Even though students are said to be a little nervous about leaping into the Wiki-sphere, but once they are posting and altering regularly they are all for it, says Diana Strassman, a Rice University professor and chairwoman of the program.

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