College Bound: Parents Are Following Their Kids to School

Real estate professionals across the country are noticing a trend cropping up in college towns. They also reportedly seen an influx of parents purchasing properties that serve the purpose of housing their children and also buying second homes for themselves. A second home that also happens to be rather close to the college campuses roamed by their children.

Some parents are said to be relocating to remain close to school events and to maintain the usual holiday traditions of the family. There are also parents who are simply looking to change things up a bit and take advantage of great perks that come along with living in college towns.

Parents moving with their college bound students is becoming the “in” thing to do and has even warranted a spot on the College Home Price Comparison Index that is created every day by Coldwell Banker.

David Siroty, corporate spokesman for Coldwell Banker Real Estate, had this to say about the phenomenon “Our brokers told us story after story about this happening. Parents buy a place to visit when their son or daughter is in school, and then they become a part of the town, they have friends there, they love the vibe of a college town – the culture, arts, sports.”

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