Clemson University Considering Banning Yik Yak App

The popular, anonymous social media messaging app, Yik Yak, may soon be banned from use on the wireless network of Clemson University.

Chief Diversity Officer Leon Wiles noted that the app has been used on campus to post racially insensitive posts and comments. Comments of this nature added to the already rising racial tensions at the university are enough cause for a ban to be “under construction,” according to Wiles.

He says, “Some of the comments I’ve seen on Yik Yak have been rather offensive, but I don’t think that is unique to Clemson.”

About 80 students formed a group call A Coalition of Concerned Students and marched down to the university’s Sikes Hall on Wednesday. The students wanted to bring to light some issues that they felt needed the attention of Clemson’s president, Jim Clements.

Of notable importance on the list was the group’s feelings of being “targets of insensitive, ignorant, alienating and even criminal or predatory comments,” according to an article by Greenville Online. Many of these comments were posted on various social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and of course, Yik Yak.

This isn’t the first time Clemson University has been linked to racially insensitive actions by students. The Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity was suspended in December after Caucasian members attended an off-campus holiday party, which was dubbed a “Cripmas party”, dressed like gang members.

Clemson University administrators intend to present a response and plan to remedy the issues brought forth by A Coalition of Concerned Students prior to the upcoming meeting of the university’s Board of Trustees in early February.

If a ban against the use of Yik Yak is enacted, Clemson won’t be alone as Norwich University and Utica College have also banned the app when using campus wireless servers.

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