Charles M. Blow’s Son Stopped By Yale Police At Gunpoint And He’s ‘Fuming’ About It

Tahj Blow, the son of well-known New York Times op-ed columnist and author, Charles M. Blow, was reportedly stopped by the Yale campus police at gunpoint as he was leaving the library on Saturday evening.

Blow took to Twitter soon after hearing of his son’s experience and his shared his frustration with his 122,000 followers in series of tweets.

“So, my son, a 3rd year chem major at Yale was just accosted – at GUN POINT – by a Yale policeman bc he ‘fit the description’ of a suspect,” Blow tweeted on Saturday evening. Blow later sent out a tweet stating that Tahj is a biology major to correct his initial statement referring to him as a chemistry major.

A few minutes later he added, “He was let go when they realized he was a college student and not a criminal (he was leaving the library!). He’s shaken, but I’m fuming!”

“This is exactly why I have NO PATIENCE for ppl (sic) trying to convince me that the fear these young blk (sic) men feel isn’t real #RacialBattleFatigue,” he continued.

Still irate over his son’s experience, Blow fired off one final tweet close to midnight on Saturday saying, “I’m still trying to calm myself down…”

Blow frequently writes about racial issues and has been a prominent voice amid the conversations surrounding the Michael Brown and Eric Garner Cases in recent months.

His son’s experience on Saturday night brings up one of the many of the things he has been saying throughout the last few months, which he echoed in a tweet on Sunday afternoon. Blow’s tweet read, “Recent events reinforce what many have been saying for years: have a convo w your children abt what to do when interacting with authorities.”

Yale was quick to issue a lengthy statement soon after the incident occurred on Saturday evening. It read as follows:

“Earlier this evening, Yale police responded to emergency calls from undergraduates in Trumbull College, one of twelve colleges on the Yale campus. Several students reported that an individual had just entered their rooms under false pretenses, pretending to be looking for someone. Students in Trumbull College have been the victims of burglary this week, and a person matching the physical description of the individual, as well as the story of ‘looking for someone’ has been seen several times in college.

Tonight, when students spotted him, they called police and described him as a tall, African-American,
college-aged student wearing a black jacket and a red and white hat. This was the description that Yale police used as they converged on Trumbull and attempted to track down the suspect. During the efforts to locate and detain the suspect, a Yale College student, who closely matched the description of the suspect, was briefly detained and released by Yale police. The suspect, who was seen fleeing Trumbull College, was arrested shortly thereafter in Berkeley College (a residential college adjacent to Trumbull College) and will be charged with felony burglaries.”

The university has also said that they intend to proceed with a thorough investigation of what transpired, which will be executed by the Yale Police Department Chief’s office, according to university spokeswoman Karen Peart.

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