Chancellor at UNC Apologizes to Students for ‘Failing’

Chancellor Carol Folt of the University of North Carolina is apologizing to students for not living up to the standards of education that they hold themselves to after an investigation that was performed by CNN came to light. UNC has long since been plagued by academic issues. The university has been in the spot light for fake class scandals and student athletes being allowed to sail through school while only being able to read at an elementary school level.

Chancellor Folt is apologizing to students for “failing students for years” by way of allowing them to complete classes that are not up to the university’s academic standards. Folt also says, “We also accept the fact that there was a failure in academic oversight for ears that permitted this to continue. This, too, was wrong. And it has undermined our integrity and our reputation.”

According to CNN’s investigative team, they are still waiting to hear the amount of students that were admitted without meeting the standards set by the school and those that completed the so called “fake” classes. UNC has yet to respond to this request however.

The executive vice chancellor of UNC, James Dean, has made claims the he was conducting an internal study to see which areas are not up to par and to make sure that there aren’t any fake classes currently being held. Dean is said to be beginning this process in the African American studies program as that is where the fake classes originally began.

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