Cavalier Daily Elects First All Female Managing Board

The Cavalier Daily has elected its first ever all female Managing Board after a 126 year history of male leaders managing the college newpaper.

The University of Virginia’s student run newspaper welcomes students Julia Horowitz, Dani Bernstein, Chloe Heskett, Lianne Provenzano and Allison Xu to helm the ship while cranking out top quality campus news.

“Our goal as an institution is to provide this community with information. I want to build relationships with people where they feel that they can come to us with tips,” said Julia Horowitz, new editor-in-chief of The Cavalier Daily.

Horowitz continues, “I have a few internal goals for the paper – one of those is [to make sure] that we are working as efficiently as possible, so there might be some infrastructural adjustments. I’m hoping to work with a lot of our business staffers to make a plan so we can ensure that we are sustainable, because I want to make sure that when news breaks two month from now, five months from now, 12 months from now that we have an institution there that can react – ….and that comes from being financially sustainable.”

This is welcome news from UVA after a tumultuous few months as the university still grapples with the implications of rape detailed in a highly controversial Rolling Stone magazine article. Much of what was said in the article has since been disproved, but the lingering shadow of the accusations are still present.

This shift towards equality, even if it’s just by way of a university newspaper, may be a step towards putting that controversy to rest.

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