Canadian University Spends 13 Years and $19 Million To Ensure Women Paid Equally

In Februrary, McGill University issued checks to more than 2,100 employees that they considered underpaid due to their gender. The checks covered back pay, some as much as $80,000, according to Sean Cory, president of a union that represents university research employees.

This action was part of a large program required by Quebec law to ensure gender equality. McGill’s program cost approximately 20 million Canadian dollars (about $19M US) and took roughly 13 years to complete.

The program’s goal was to ensure that salaries for professions employing mostly females were keeping pace with pay in male-dominated jobs.

According to the Wall Street Journal, some US companies may have to undertake similar measures, even as many companies avoid publically addressing pay discrepancies between their workers.

“Mind the Gap: How One Employer Tackled Pay Equity,” The Wall Street Journal, Sara Murray,


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