CampusTap Raises $500,000 In Start-Up Capital for Private Social Media Network for College Students

The emerging private social media network, CampusTap, reportedly raised a whopping $500,000 in start-up funds, according to the Boston Business Journal. This means that more college students may get the chance to test it out sooner rather than later.

CampusTap was first created in 2013 by Remy Carpinto, a graduate of Suffolk University. Carpinto is said to have created the new social media platform as a way to link colleges, students and alumni in an attempt to ramp up their ability to find suitable jobs and keep track of related activities.

The new funds will reportedly be used to increase the support behind the CampusTap mobile app as well as trickle into further development of the brand.

The network is still in the early days of testing, but over 500 students at Carpinto’s old stomping grounds, Suffolk University, are using it. MIT and Sawyer Business School at Suffolk are also jumping on board to test the waters. There may be more colleges on the horizon according to a spokeswoman for CampusTap as she says that the company is in talks with over 20 other colleges and universities.


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