Calling All Writing Students – The Best Apps for the Job

As many of our readers know, college is full of writing…lots and lots of writing. Writing such as: research papers, persuasive papers, discussion questions, online forums and the list goes on. With all of this writing wouldn’t it be nice to have a little assistance? Sure it would! Check out a few apps that will make all the writing a bit more enjoyable:

Scribd: This app allows you to have access to around 500,000 digital copies of books that you may need for research. If the library is closed, no problem with Scribd on your tablet or phone.

RefMe and EasyBib: When writing you will do a lot of citing and that can sometimes be difficult to find out what the correct way to do it is. If you need some help citing sources in MLA and APA format then the RefMe and EasyBib apps are pretty helpful and easy to use. They will actually create your sources for you with a little bit of information from you.

Notability: There are times when it will be helpful to make marks in a PDF, record your lectures or take some quick notes. The Notability app will let you do all of those things and then when you are done you can sync it to the cloud leaving everything in one place.

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