Cal State, L.A. Launches Mega WiFi Network

The students of California State University,Los Angeles will now be able to study a bit easier than before with the help of the new, super WiFi network that has been implemented.

The new Aruba Gigabit network is the first of its kind under the California State University system. Others under the university’s umbrella are in the process of switching over to an 802.11ac system, but none have gone all the way like Cal State, L.A. The network at Cal State, L.A. has already undergone a full overhaul  and is ready to go with a solid wireless signal.

Somewhere around 27,000 students, faculty and staff at the college are expected to now have the ability to study and work with a strong wireless signal as a result of the newAruba WiFi network. Gone are the days of being plugged in to keep up with the demands of college life and in marches the use of mobile technology and on the go options study tools.

The need for fast and effective internet connections is now being touted as a major part of the success of students at the college level and is a source of inspiration for the implementation of the network.

Cal State, L.A. President, William A. Covino says, “Technology has become an integral component of academic achievement and engaged campus life. Cal State, L.A. Is committed to excellence, and it is a priority that out students, faculty and staff have the best excellence, and it is a priority that our students, faculty and staff have the best service possible for their mobile devices, including access to a network that can accommodate the newest devices and the fastest wireless features.”

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