Business Administration Degree Now Offered For Free At Heidelberg U.

Students working towards their bachelor’s degrees at Heidelberg University are now able to obtain a master’s degree in business administration for free.

The exciting announcement was made on Wednesday by Heidelberg University’s President Robert H. Huntington and dean of the School of Business, Dr, Haseeb Ahmed.

The new program has been dubbed the Heidelberg + One Double Value Package and oh what a value it is! Students who meet the required criteria will now be able to phase right into the master’s in business administration program without incurring any additional tuition fees after they have completed their bachelor’s degrees.

Qualifying students must have a four year degree under their belts and a GPA of at least 3.0. That’s it. Two very simply things to accomplish and an additional degree is yours without the $28,665 price tag.

President Huntington said, “Essentially, students would receive two Heidelberg degrees in five years and save the $28,665 cost of tuition for the MBA program. We believe this new opportunity adds value to both degrees for our students.”

The Heidelberg + One Double Value Package is also an accelerated degree program, which makes it possible for students to essentially earn two degrees within five years time. Knocking off the extra year of school is made possible by the programs eight week course schedule, which is intended to be completed in six terms.

“Graduate degrees allow students to become more marketable in an ever-competitive job arena,” said Dr. Ahmed. “Students with a Heidelberg MBA, along with an integrative liberal arts preparation, will have that competitive edge. Most employers see the benefits of employees obtaining an MBA. They know an MBA can make a major difference in long-term management performance.”

The university hopes to set their students up to be “high performers” with this new program, which is a good possibility given the financial burden being lifted from those enrolled.

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