Brown University Task Forces Calls For Change In the Handling of Sexual Assault Cases

The interim report recently conducted and released by a 17 personal task force for Brown University is demanding changes be made to the university’s handling of sexual assault cases.

The task force found the current procedure for handling these cases to be unacceptable after finding that there were many cases of sexual assault reported on the Brown campus. The report states that the university should make changes to provide a “safe and welcoming place” for victims.

The rates of on campus sexual assaults were rather high with 13% of the report’s participants claiming to have experienced inappropriate and uninvited fondling. To top off the report, 4.5% of participants were reportedly subjected to rape by forcible penetration.

Upon review of these startling figures, the task force president, Christina Paxson stated in the report, “The current norms and culture of the Brown University campus are not acceptable, and as a community we must seek in the world and deed to fundamentally change the culture in order to ensure that the Brown campus is a safe and welcoming place to learn, teach, conduct research, work and live for all members of the community.”

Students reported issues with appropriate action being taken against the accused attackers as well as the improper and slow handling of reports as the their top concerns at Brown University.

Changes are on the horizon in the wake of the report, the national discussion of sexual assaults on campus and the university’s recent headline making rape case. There is a new policy being drafted and work being down with the local law enforcement agencies to ensure appropriate action is taken.

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