British Universities Partnering with BBC to Offer World War I Courses

Starting in October, the BBC will be partnering with British Universities to offer courses on World War I, which will be available online.

“The BBC is sitting on audio and video content that a lot of people won’t get a chance to see,” according to Tim Plyming, the executive producer at BBC Learning. “We see this as a great opportunity to surface some of that content in the modules of the online courses.”

The courses will be offered as a part of a FutureLearn platform and will be taught by professors from the Universities of Leeds, Glasgow and Birmingham. According to sources close to the project, the coruses will focus on collective memory and trauma, how the war changed the world, aviation and aviation technology, industrialization and heroism.

On their end, the BBC will curate the archives to help facilitate the curriculum. “We thought this was a great way to pull together this amazing archive at the BBC and the great teaching at the universities,” Mr. Plyming said.

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