Boston Housing Officials Set to Inspect Over 580 Apartments Housing College Students

Housing officials in Boston are gearing up to inspect over 580 city apartments that are housing college students from 31 of the surrounding colleges to ensure that there aren’t any zoning or safety violations in need of attention.

A report by the Boston Globe last year shed some much needed light on the overcrowding and less than stellar living conditions of thousands of students from Boston colleges. Some of the issues reported were problems with rodents, broken windows and malfunctioning smoke detectors, to name a few.

As a result of the Globe’s Spotlight series on the problematic living conditions, city officials were able to retrieve 25,000 student addresses and intend use the data collected to solve the housing issue.

It is suspected that students living in these apartments are in violation of a zoning rule drafted in 2008. This rule states that no more than four full time undergraduate students are to share a single apartment, which does not seem to be a rule followed based upon the data collected.

William Christopher is new to the Boston Inspectional Services Department, but he is eager to solve this housing issue. He says, “For the first time, we have the data. It’s a great beginning.” He also says, There is a possibility of a zoning violation here. It’s accurate enough for us to move forward.”

City housing officials don’t intend to act too swiftly if any violations are found, though. They are pledging to work together with students, landlords and universities in an attempt to solve the issues of overcrowding and unsafe living conditions.

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