Boston Bids On Hosting Spot for 2024 Summer Olympics With Help from City’s Colleges

Boston has thrown its hat into the ring a as a hopeful contender as organizers are vying for the 2024 Summer Olympics to take place in one of the nation’s oldest cities with the help of the colleges in the surrounding area. Organizers are hoping that the use of some of the city’s 100 colleges will land the proposal at the top of the pile among other cities in the running for the coveted host spot and that it will set Boston apart from others in the world.

The organizers of Boston 2024 intend to hold different Olympic events at many of the trademark spots around the city such as field hockey at Harvard Stadium, fencing and archery at MIT and even housing horses intended for equestrian events at the Tufts Hospital for Large Animals.

President of Boston 2024, Dan O’Connel, is particularly excited about the potential for some of the Games to be held at Harvard Stadium as he recalls the soccer preliminaries being held there in 1984. He says, “It was spectacular to see the Olympic flags flying over the Stadium. I can’t wait to see it again.”

The schools involved in the Games are cooperating with event planners and are on board to pay for and manage the building of the temporary venues that will be erected as part of the events. This removes a hefty burden off of the city and makes the events much more affordable and compact as a whole. The additional benefit of using construction that is already underway is also an element added to the proposal as a hopeful nudge towards an affordable solution to an exciting and monumental event.

Other key elements added into the proposal that organizers are hoping will garner the attention needed to score the hosting job are the sustainability, ease of walking access, ample ability to use technology to utilize Boston’s resources and the ability to house the athletes along with anyone else attending the games.

Boston is already armed with the 45,000 hotel rooms that are needed to support an event of this size and officials are already working on upgrading the public transportation system. The athletes participating in the Games have already been considered as well, as organizers plan to construct an athletes village on the UMass-Boston campus and add 5,000 housing units with an additional conversion of a commuter college into one for residential purposes.

Event organizers are leaving no stone un-turned as they intend to employ the city’s international students as translators and have developed a “global alumni network.” The groups of alumni will be useful in funding certain projects and campaigning for the 2024 Summer Olympics to makes its way to Bean Town.

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