Bloomberg Philanthropies Pledges to Help New College Students Succeed

It was announced today that Bloomberg Philanthropies, the charity that is spearheaded by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, will be joining forces with various colleges and other non-profit organizations. The reason behind the new found team work is to give up and coming college students a chance at succeeding. The goal to to help high school graduates the opportunity to attend and most importantly, complete college despite coming from lower socio-econimic backgrounds.

In a statement that was released today on the Bloomberg Philanthropies website, Bloomberg said:

“Many of America’s brightest students don’t apply to college simply because they lack access to the right information and guidance, particularly students from low and middle income families who want to go to competitive colleges but don’t think they can afford it. That limits their opportunities and contradicts what we stand for as a society – and it holds us back as a nation because it prevents so many smart young people from contributing to the best of their abilities.”

Bloomberg Philanthropies has pledged to invest $10 million over the span of the next two years, but it won’t be spent in traditional ways like scholarships or grants. The plan is actually to provide high school students that are nearing their graduation, the proper tools and support needed to get into college. This will be done with the support of advisers in the areas of admissions, financial aid as well as providing overall motivation when it is needed.

This new program is just one of the many changes that higher education is going to see in the near future and while there are certainly going to be growing pains along the way, it is a definite step in the right direction.

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