Bill Nye, Everyone’s Favorite Science Guy, To Receive SFU Honorary Degree

America’s favorite scientists, Bill Nye, is set to receive a much deserved honorary degree from Simon Fraser University during convocation ceremonies on October 8th and 9th.

The honorary degree from Simon Fraser University isn’t the first of it’s kind to be received by the iconic scientist, educator, comedian, writer, actor and former mechanical engineer, though. Nye has previously been recognized for all he has done for the science community by Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, John Hopkins University, Willamette University and Lehigh University. Things must be getting crowded on his wall of honorary degrees by now!

Nye quickly won the hearts of kids looking for a dose of something extra special when getting their after school cartoon fix. He was able to enthrall his young viewers with a completely engaging and totally unique take on all things science. His now classic science show, Bill Nye the Science Guy, ran from 1993 to 1998 and cemented his place in the hearts and minds of science loving kids of that decade.

Bill Nye once said, “There’s nothing I believe in more strongly than getting young people interested in science and engineering, for a better tomorrow, for all humankind.”

It’s safe to say that his mission was accomplished as his impact on the young scientists of today is indelible. He guided the youth of America towards new ways of thinking and encouraged us to always take a deeper look at things.

Our favorite science guy has kept pretty busy since the end of his and shows no signs of slowing down. He currently heads The Planetary Society, which just so happens to have been founded by his old college professor and science icon, Carl Sagan. He spends his time researching and participating in planetary science and astronomy projects, working hard for the environment and of course spreading the love of science.

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