Best Note Taking Apps For Busy College Students

These days there’s an app for nearly everything and for nearly any device out there. The options are hedging on limitless when it comes to what you can use an app for and what they can do to make your life a bit easier.

One of the ways to use these apps to your advantage is definitely in the note taking department. As a student you will obviously have to take a lot of notes in order to stay on point in class. All this note taking can be a real cramp to your style, not to mention your hand! Not to mention you run the risk of losing your notebook with all your hard work inside! So, why not use technology to your advantage and take your note taking to the next level with a handy dandy app!

There are a lot options out there for you to choose from and we know how hard it can be to decide which one is best for your device and note taking style. It is with these very things in mind that we bring you the best note taking apps and some extra tips for using them!

Best Note Taking Apps


Evernote is easily a favorite among students as it’s kind of the one-stop-shop for note taking. You’re not limited on the devices you’re able to use here either as it’s available on computers using both Windows and Mac OS as well as having full mobile capability for use on iPhone, iPad’s, Android and Windows phones and/or tablets.

This app enables users to take notes of course, but the fun doesn’t stop there! You can use Evernote to create topic specific notebooks, tag places/people, share, take pictures to embed in the notes, embed internet information and more. Students and teacher alike like this app and it’s pretty easy to see why.

Microsoft OneNote

Another top contender on our list of the best note taking apps is the Microsoft OneNote! This is an app that can easily be found in the app store on nearly any computer, tablet or phone. Best of all, it’s usually available for free!

Microsoft OneNote is super easy to use no matter what your device choice is. You can use this app to take notes and save them while you’re on the go, during class and even in the library cramming for your finals. Notes can be saved in unique folders for easy viewing, editing, sharing and more.

One of the many really cool things about OneNote is the ability to make your note taking a fun experience by adding bits of data from the internet, through taking pictures and even through recordings of your classes. You can then send it all up to Microsoft’s cloud via OneDrive to keep everything in a safe spot should your device break or become lost.


Fetchnotes may be one of the most fun note taking apps that we came across. Like the other note taking apps we’ve mentioned, it too, is available on multiple platforms and various different devices. The fact that it’s available across the board and its unique features make Fetchnotes a favorite of students, teachers and even business professionals.

Fetchnotes is definitely a note taking app for hashtag lovers or Twitter addicts, which is one of the truly cool features available as it sets it apart from the rest. You can keep your notes nice and organized with by simply adding a hashtag (#) to the front of any notes when you save them. It’s a fun and convenient way to categorize all of your notes and all you have to do is a quick hashtag search within the app to find the particular note folder you’re looking for.

Your notes are super easy to share with anyone already an existing contact in your phone. All you have to do to share the note love is tap the at (@) symbol followed by the name of the person you’d like to send your notes to. This enables you to quickly send the info to any email, phone number and username you have in your phone even if they don’t have the Fetchnotes app installed on their device.


Here’s another user friendly note taking app that is a favorite across the board! Simplenote is also available to use on laptops, computers, tablets and phones no matter if they are using Windows, iOS or Android platforms to use the app. It’s also offered for free through your favorite app store, so don’t be too afraid to try it out and see if you like it.

There are a lot of reasons to use Simplenote if your in need of a nice app to help you with your note taking during class or at work. With Simplenote, you can sync all of your devices so you can keep your notes up-to-date no matter which device you’re currently using. This is super convenient if you forget the device you initially started taking notes on in your dorm room because all you have to do pull out whichever one you have with you to pick up where you left off.

Simplenote allows you to stay organized, search with ease and share your notes with your peers so you can work together. Another thing to get excited about when using Simplenote is the ability to travel back in time to your old notes without having to track down Doc Brown! There are backups of your old work saved and easily accessible with a simple drag and drop of the version you wish to restore.


Don’t get fooled by the name of this app because it’s far more than a voice recording app. The voice recording feature is definitely a cool one and can certainly improve your note taking if you find it hard to type or write as quickly as you need to. You can record what you want and access it later to view, listen to and even search a specific portion of the recording so you can hear exactly what you want to hear when you want to hear it.

You can use the AudioNote note taking feature with your keyboard or by typing it with a stylus or your finger. This is a cool feature because you can tailor your note taking to your preferences, which can be further enhanced by pictures, audio text, web data, video clips, standout text and more. Once you’re all done with your note taking or recording, you can then email and share all your hard work with anyone you’d like to.

Quick and Dirty Tips For Using Note Taking Apps

Using an app to take your notes may be a new process for some of our awesome readers (and even some of our LearnU writers), so we figured it would be nice to share some quick and dirty tips that you can use when taking notes in an app. Here’s what we came up with:

  • Use text tools: Don’t be afraid to use color, bold, italics or the underline text feature when typing or writing your notes. Use these text tools to make the most of your notes just as you would when taking notes the old school way with different colored pens and highlighters.
  • Grab a stylus: Typing on our mobile devices can be a bit difficult for some of us who are text challenged due to a case of fat fingers. Don’t let your digits discourage you from using an app to take your notes, though. Instead, grab a stylus to tap out what you want to refer back to later and to write out your notes in the app.
  • Take advantage of the voice-to-text feature: Some apps are equipped with a super convenient and awesome voice-to-text feature that will turn the auditory recordings stored in the note app into actual text. This is pretty cool and makes it easy to catch every last bit of the lectures you attend just in case you miss something said.
  • Snap a picture: Make use of the ability to insert pictures into your notes. This nifty feature can really enhance your notes and help to drive a point home. There are also some apps that will let you snap a picture of something outside of the app, like written notes, to then store within the app in note form. These are super cool features, so don’t forget about them and make sure you use them if you can.
  • Print: It’s pretty great that you can print the notes entered into your apps from nearly any device you’re using. This little feature will make it possible for you to share the note love with those of your peers who do not have a device to receive shared files on or just to have a hard copy for yourself.
  • Send your notes to the cloud: You don’t have to be bogged down by all of your note folders if you find they are taking up too much space in your phone or on your tablet/computer. You can easily send any notes you no longer need (but want to keep) up to the cloud where they will patiently wait for you to access them again at some point. All it takes is a few taps on your screen and away they go!

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