Bennington College Introduces New Admissions Option

The new admissions option at Bennington College will give incoming applicants choices they’ve never had before. Incoming hopefuls will have the chance to decide what things they would and would not like to include on their applications.

Bennington College is one of the first schools to incorporate this change in their admissions policy, which goes hand in hand with their Common application and test-optional admissions.

This new admissions process allows students to essentially create their own profiles for review. They are even able to only include their high school transcripts if they’d like. As of now there isn’t a suggested format to abide by. The college provides this prompt for students that are applying:

“We invite you to share with us a collection of your work that speaks to these capacities and creates a portrait of what you bring to the Bennington community. We invite you to be deeply thoughtful. We invite you to be bold. We invite you to bring your own dimension to the college application.”

The panel of faculty members and Bennington alumni review each application portfolio that they receive. They are looking for applicants that, “shows the ability to create and revise work, dexterity with words and numbers, inventiveness, intrinsic motivation and the capacity to apply…understanding to new situations.

This interesting new way of submitting college applications leaves potential students in charge of their own futures and allows them to showcase the things about themselves that they feel are special.

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