Babson College Students Redefines Dry Erase Boards

Babson College student, Hanson Grant, has created Think Board as an answer to the need to write down notes and ideas anywhere and at any time…and on any surface.

Think Board is a unique way to replace chalk board, sticky notes and outdated day planners, as it is able to be applied to any surface and immediately turns into a working dry erase board. The roll of the product has an adhesive back, which allows it to be applied to nearly any surface desired.

Grants says, “Everybody needs a Think Board and can use it in their own unique way. It’s a product of your imagination and can be used on desks, walls, doors, or even overlaid onto a bar counter-top!”

A frequent need to take notes and a lack of space led Grant to create his new product. “I wanted an inexpensive dry erase board that would be rearrangable around a dorm room, and also aesthetically pleasing – hence the clear aspect,” says the college junior.

Grant has been working towards his future as an entrepreneur since he was 12 and selling gum in middle school hallways. He is now parlaying his innovative ideas into actionable products during his studies in technology, entrepreneurship and design at Babson College.

Think Board was able to get a boost after Grant started a Kickstarter campaign to raise funding, which brought in the intended goal of $10,000 within only 29 days. It didn’t take long for the once little project to gain steam and garner the right kind of attention, either.

After the launch of Think Board on August 1, there have been large orders places by schools an even major companies, such as Lockheed Martin and Cambridge Innovation Center. The success seen in just four short months is said to be more than Grant expected.

He says,”We have been very successful. Since the launch of the Kickstarter we have sold over 1,300 Think Boards and are still receiving orders every day.”

Grant is now in India studying abroad, but that certainly hasn’t stopped the company from growing or from his ability to remain an integral part of that growth. Grant’s older brother, Garrison has stepped in to aid his younger sibling’s company while he is away. Garrison is even on board of Skype chats acorss the world if that means keeping things growing and running smoothly.

Garrison says of his brother’s company, “My favorite part about Think Board is how there are so many different ways to use it. When I think of Think Board I see a mother using it on her fridge as a grocery list. I see a CEO writing down reminders on his desk and a hockey coach drawing up plays in between periods on the locker room’s Think Board.”

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