Associate’s Degrees Now Possible For Inmates Thanks To NYU

New York University is extending an opportunity to earn credits towards an associate’s degree to some of the inmates serving time at the Wallkill Correctional Facility of Hudson Valley.

Inmates will be able to take two courses, “Literary Analysis and the Politics of Interpretation” and “Critical Perspectives on Justice through Creative Writing,” to begin with. NYU is able to provide these educational services thanks in part to a $500,000 Ford Foundation grant as classes are scheduled to begin this semester and with the help of hard working instructors.

The program will initially be available to 36 qualifying inmates initially. Each of the inmates will be able to select one of the available classes which will then be applicable for transfer to another college along with any other credits earned while in Wallkill Correctional Facility.

Professor Nikhil Pal Singh of NYU’s Department of Social and Cultural Analysis, said “By expanding access to a university education to incarcerated students, the NYU Prison Education Program aims to help redress inequities that more people than any other nation in the world – over 2 million – the great majority of whom are poor, African-American and Latino.”

The hope is to reduce the amount of recidivism and future crimes by providing those incarcerated with a rope to pull themselves out of the trenches and towards better jobs with better pay.

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