Apple Jobs Could Get A Boost If Robots Are Next On the Product List

Apple’s ever expanding product base has many industry insiders excited and wondering what’s next. The company even has some thinking that their next move could be towards robotics. Delving into a new tech market could also mean a boost in the available Apple jobs and of course bring in even more revenue.

Now back to the robots. Yes, that’s right…robots! Apple has pretty much cornered the technology market with their smartphones, mp3 players and computers. There’s likely to be another home run on the horizon as the launch of the new Apple Watch approaches. There has also been some recent talk of the company heading into the automotive industry with their very own Apple Car. Why not conquer another area where interest is growing?

It is due to all of the success and continually innovative products that prompted analysts from the capital market investment bank, Cantor Fitzgerald, to theorize that a future in robotics “could be a longer-term opportunity for Apple.”

A venture into the robot world isn’t really too far fetched, especially when there is already quite a bit of action happening in that particular area of technology. It would be very easy for Apple to come in and crush the competition as they are largely made up of start-ups. These new kids on the technology block lack both the financial resources and the brand recognition that Apple has, which pretty much guarantees the tech giant another easy niche to dominate.

Brian White, Cantor Fitzgerald’s global head of technology research, echoed these sentiments when he told Business Insider, “Everything is becoming a computer. It plays into Apple’s sweet spot.”

The idea of adding robots to our already technologically inundated world definitely has some insiders on the fence, but that’s certainly not going to stop Apple from jumping into the ring if they are so inclined. Not to mention that another item to design, produce, test and sell would increase the amount of jobs available under the Apple umbrella. More Apple jobs would be exceptionally helpful to the unemployment rate and just may help graduates in several applicable technology fields utilize the skills they worked so hard to earn.

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