AP Computer Science Exam Lacking In Female and Minority Participants

The 30th anniversary of the Advanced Placement computer science exam recently passed and with its birthday came a rise in the participants completing it, but also an underwhelming amount of females and minorities.

The AP data shows some states missing females and/or minorities completely from the test

There was a significant growth in the participation seen during 2014, which the data shows to come in at about 26% higher than the previous year. The College Board, the governing body over the AP program, reported this to be the largest increase in the last 10 years.

Females and minorities are still lagging far behind compared to other test takes, but that doesn’t mean that the amount of students taking the AP computer science exam isn’t growing In fact, it’s quite the opposite as the AP data shows an increase of about 1/3rd compared to the female / minority participant rates in 2013.

The increase in STEM programs is expected to have played an important part in the increase seen in women taking the exam. The AP Stem Access Program was created a year ago and has received $5 million in grant funds from Google in an attempt to bridge the gap between women and minorities in areas of science, technology, engineering and math.

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