All UVA Fraternities Suspended After Release of Rolling Stone Report

The suspension of all fraternities along with any scheduled activities they may have had, at the University of Virginia was announced on Saturday by university’s president, Teresa A. Sullivan. The suspension comes on the heels of a scathing article released by Rolling Stone magazine and will remain in effect until at least January 9th, while a thorough review of the policies of handling sexual assault at UVA is complete.

President Sullivan wrote the following in a statement posted on the school’s website, “Beginning immediately, I am suspending all fraternal organizations and associated social activities until January 9th, ahead of the beginning of our spring semester. In the intervening period we will assemble groups of students, faculty and other concerned parties to discuss our next steps in preventing sexual assault and sexual violence on Grounds.”

The article that spurred the UVA administration into action was filled with a rather detailed and graphic retelling of one female student’s brutal rape by a group of seven males, which is alleged to have occurred at the Phi Kappa Psi house. The 2012 incident is also said to have been kept under wraps by UVA officials in an attempt to maintain their reputation.

There was a new sexual misconduct policy posted to the university’s website on the same day that Rolling Stone released the controversial articles. Some of the policy revisions that can be seen on the schools website are “stalking,” “incapacitation” and “effective consent” along with detailed information about the available options students have to report sexual assaults.

With the release of the article, so came pressure on UVA’s Phi Kappa Psi fraternity. The nationwide scrutiny prompted the chapter to voluntarily relinquish its Fraternal Organization Agreement.

President Sullivan had more to say on the issue, writing “We can demand that incidents like those described in Rolling Stone never happen and that if they do, the responsible are held accountable to the law. This will require institutional change, cultural change, and legislative change, and it will not be easy. We are making those changes.”

She continued further still and ending her statement on the strongest not possible. Sullivan wrote, “The wrongs described in Rolling Stone are appalling and have caused all of us to reexamine our responsibility to this community. Rape is an abhorrent crime that has no place in the world, let alone on the campuses and grounds of our nation’s colleges and universities.”

There is now an investigation underway headed by the Charlottesville Police Department with the full cooperation of the University of Virginia.

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