Adventure Time Now Has a New Forum Dedicated to Academic Essays About the Cartoon

The much love Cartoon Network show, Adventure Time, now has a new forum dedicated to the academic research of the the show, its characters and concepts.

The Adventure Time Forum is said to be “the Leading Journal of Adventure Time Research, Commentary and Analysis” for the show with a following of fans that range from children to college professors. The forum is a favorite stop among writers and many of the internet’s cultural critics, who enjoy sifting through the cartoon’s deeper meanings and relaying their interpretations in essay form.

Writers take on the topics presented by the Finn and Jake, which seem on the surface to be the simple adventures of a boy and his talking dog. However, as the founders of the academic forum, Tim Hwang and Darby Smith, are quick to point out. There are much deeper meanings to the dialogue and actual content presented and while at first glance, it seems as though the cartoon is just a fun show for kids, there are serious messages being relayed at the same time.

One of the forum’s founders, Tim Hwang says of the show, “Adventure Time is perfect. It’s a kids show, but it’s also really deep – adults watch it as much for serious content as kids do for just entertainment.”

Hwang also provides an example of how a monologue given by Jake, the talking dog, where he explains to Finn the concept of how laws originated and that they exist as a result of the insistent need of power. He says, “It’s like, ‘Wow, this is hardcore messaging around a kid’s show.'”

He tells BetaBeat of another favorite episode of his, “There’s an episode about why you shouldn’t allow business people to do things you can do yourself. The whole problem with dealing with business bros is uniquely adult, but these are fables in a kids story.”

Some of the academic essays posted on the forum for review are “Princess Politics” by American Review’s own Jonathon Bradley and “Daddy, Why Did You Eat My Fries?: The Role of Parent-Child Relationships in Adventure Time” by Haley Flannery.

Hwang doesn’t reserve his favorites to just the show, he also has some favorites among the submissions of the Winter Edition. His top pick among the newer submission is from writer for The A.V. Club, Eric Thurm. In Thurm’s essay, he covers the way the the show has evolved its value systems as well as how the viewers and characters have matured.

Since the forum is still in the early days, only seven essays were released by Hwang hopes to release more in the spring if it picks up momentum and receives more submissions. He says, “Adventure Time is cutting new ground, and it’s great getting people together to talk about it. It’s going to be remembered as one of the shows of the 2010’s.”

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