AdmitHub Launches New Q&A Forum for Admissions Assistance

AdmitHub has released a new Q&A style forum by the name of AboutAdmissions, which is similar to Reddit. This new online forum was designed as a meeting place for both parents and students to ask questions and receive answers about the whole college admissions process.

With over 2 million new students apply for college each year, which makes for lots of questions given the sometimes confusing nature of the application process. With AboutAdmissions, students and their parents will have some guidance throughout the whole process by trained guidance counselors. These counselors are able to answer about deadlines, financial aid, transcripts, test scores and much more.

The forum has experienced personnel answering questions submitted. You can expect a response that is helpful and informative from current and former deans, directors and other administrative staff from some of the top colleges and universities around the country.

Many school guidance counselors are overwhelmed and not able to effectively help the amount of students assigned to them. Noticing this issue, AdmitHub decided to step in with this new service and an added one-on-one service to add to the amount of assistance available.

For basic application assistance starts out at $50 for a help staying on top of deadlines and ensuring that an application is ready for submission. For students that would like more comprehensive assistance, it is $399. The service may have a hefty price tag, but it is still less expensive than other consulting services. There is also the added benefit of being able to receive help from anywhere, regardless of the services that may be available in your area. This is made possible by the remote communication options available to students and parents.

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