Accepted and Rejected: Johns Hopkins University Sends Out Welcome Emails in Error

If you listened very carefully towards the end of last last, you may have been able to hear the dreams crushed of 294 Johns Hopkins University applicants, but this wasn’t the first time.

The university sent out emails to the 294 applicants who applied for early acceptance, stating that they had been accepted despite previously being denied a highly coveted slot at the school, only the emails were sent in error as the student hopefuls would soon find out.

By Sunday evening, emails retracting the welcome letters were sent out with an apology for the confusion. It was an unfortunate mistake that likely felt like salt in the wound for those on the receiving end.

David Phillips, vice provost for admission and financial aid at the university, told the Washington Post that the email was a result of the wrong email list being pulled and was a “human error”.

Phillips went on to say, “We apologize to the students affected and to their families. Admissions decision days are stressful enough. We very much regret having added to the disappointment felt by a group of very capable and hardworking students, especially ones who were so committed to the idea of attending Johns Hopkins that they applied early.”

Many students and parents don’t feel that the email sent out was enough to assuage the second dose of rejection dealt out and that more should be done. Some have even suggested that members of the Johns Hopkins University administration call each student to offer more personal apologies.

For now, the emailed apologies with have to be sufficient enough as the school doesn’t intend to contact the 294 rejected students in an attempt to let the dust and to allow the students to move forward.

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