6 Tuskegee Students Back in the US After Being Delayed for Weeks in Liberia

Six Tuskegee University students can breathe a sigh of relief after being stuck in Monrovia, Liberia due to the outbreak of Ebola that has taken hold. As of late most of the international flights in and out of West Africa have been canceled in an attempt to contain the deadly virus.

Lucky for the students, college officials were able to organize what they are calling “alternative travel arrangements for the students.” They were all able to leave Liberia and seem to be in good health from Liberia to the United States on Sunday. They got home just in time too because the Tuskegee fall semester began on Wednesday. Some of the students went back to the campus while others went home to visit family.

In the coming days ‘The University will continue to follow all the directives and guidelines from the Alabama Department of Public Health and the Centers for Disease Control,” according to the university’s director of Student Health Services, Dr. June Samuel. She goes on to say “When the students arrive on campus, the Student Health Medical staff will medically assist and monitor them for the recommended three weeks by recording daily temperature and other measures. They will be advised to notify us immediately if they develop any symptoms.” The school intends to focus on each students’ health physically and mentally as soon as they all return to campus.

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