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Learn how to study smarter and get better grades using memory techniques teachers hate:

Learn Smarter Techniques to Learning

  • Want to learn how to retrieve information perfectly for tests?
  • Want to get A's while studying half as much?
  • Want to understand how to learn vs. study tips?
“This isn't about how to study, it literally flips learning on it's head.  You'll learn techniques that you can use for the rest of your life.”

We're here to help you get started out with our free step-by-step College Learning Course.  You'll get the course delivered to your inbox for free.

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What's Covered in the Free Study Hacking Course:



You'll learn how humans understand and retrieve knowledge.  No more aimless study days.



Effective Study Plans

Learn to make a plan before you even open your book.  That way you aren't learning pointless facts.


Note Taking

Stop writing down notes that later don't make any sense.  Learn the note taking principles, that your classmates will be jealous of.


Speed Reading

This will take your reading to the next level.  Understand how you can be efficient when studying.




Learn to memorize like a pro!  Stop making note cards to only forget the information twenty minutes later.


Exam Study Strategies

Learn to study for exams, so you can feel great about that "A" you just got on your midterm!



For a Limited Time

This course is only open for a limited time for free!  Because of the great value we can't give it to everyone.

Who Made This?

This course has been carefully made, by a group of learning hackers.  We've combined to bring you strategies that have been developed to learn efficiently.  Taking lessons from language experts, to hyper learners.  This is the guide we wish we had in college.

We understand you can't always fit study times into your busy college schedule.  The problem is most people really don't know how to study.  This course will give you the tools to be more efficient, and have more time.   

You'll now be able to go with your friends on weekend adventures.  Since you will have all of your schoolwork done by the time the weekend hits!

Who this is for:

Students who want more freedom, and better grades.  Whether you're going to med school or just working on a liberal arts degree this guide will help you get there.

Who this is not for:

People who aren't willing to put in some time. Study hacking isn't easy, but it is doable. We teach you how study more effectively and learn better, not quick study tips that don't actually work.


Our most popular questions:

How much time does it take?

What is the format?

Why is it free?

When is the best time to start?

What You’ll Get...

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"Get all six sections, with templates and actionable exercises!"

  • Module 1: Learning
  • Module 2:  Effective Study Plans
  • Module 3:  Note Taking
  • Module 4:  Speed Reading
  • Module 5:  Memorization
  • Module 6: Exam Study Strategies