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Start a Business From Your Dorm Room

(The College Side Hustle Crash Course)

Learn to Start a Business with the step-by-step Crash Course template Free:

Learn to Start a Startup While in College

  • Want to start a business that won't interfere with your study time?
  • Want to create a side income while your friends work dead end jobs?
  • Want to learn business skills you can't learn from school?
“This isn't just a free template, it's really an in depth crash course designed to help you implement what you've learned.”

We're here to help you get started with out free step-by-step College Side Hustle Crash Course.  We'll deliver it straight to your inbox and get you on your way to creating a business that supports you, while you study.

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Who Made This?

This course has been carefully made, by a group of online business builders.  We've combined to bring you strategies that work when launching a new business.

We understand school is hard and working a job while taking classes is even harder.  Find out what make you special.  And learn to launch a business you can be proud of.     

Whether it's earning a little extra money for your weekend adventures, or building yourself a career so you don't even have to job hunt after graduation- we're here to help.

Who this is for:

Students who want more income to achieve their financial goals.  Whether you want a little extra income or if you want to become job free.  This guide will help you get there.

Who this is not for:

People who want quick money and aren’t willing to put in some time. Building a business isn’t easy, but it is deable. We teach you how to build a sustainable income, not how to make a few bucks easily.


Our most popular questions:

How much time does it take?

What is the format?

Why is it free?

When is the best time to start?

What You’ll Get...

The complete course sent to your inbox, for free!

"Get all six sections, with templates and actionable exercises!"

  • Find and Define Your Niche
  • Test Your Offering/Product
  • Make Your First Sale
  • Email Marketing
  • Scaling Up
  • Reward Yourself and Repeat